Hi everyone this is just a rough guide we still have more money to come in for the Book:

Butch the wings of football

  This is what we have raised so far that has been paid into our account is £1,964.44p

I would like to say what  fantastic support we have had from all you lovely people out there. 
Thank you so much everyone this is a massive achievement for me  and for the charity

we thank you for your support.


The book will take you through all the twists and turns and ups and downs of a professional football career through a players eyes and Managers

And not for getting Richard Butcher himself the book will also talk about his life story

you will read about the funny side of him as well as the tough side


This book was written with the hope it will help young footballers in the future

All proceeds raised from this book go to our charity we thank you for your support.

 The book Butch the wings of football

          Is now stocked at Northampton Waterstones and Kettering waterstones

                                                     and Lincoln Waterstones
                 Northampton town football club Also Nott's county football club
                                            and Macclesfield Town football club
                                                and Lincoln City football Club

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 Registered Charity Number 1151743

Total raised so far £38,900.58p

If you would like to make a donation please write a cheque out to the

Richard Butcher memorial Trust 

please place your name and address on the back so we can send you a thank you letter and Receipt

   Mrs. Gail Butcher, Mr. Richard Butcher, Miss Gemma Hall, Mrs. Rachel Jarvis

 Miss Geraldine Davis, Lisa Graham, Mr. Gary Simpson 


Hi Guys and Girls my charity started after my son’s passing at the young age of just 29 on the 10/01/2011 first of all I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read my website it is the first one I have ever attempted to do


Being a mother after losing my son I needed to do something in Richards’s memory

 ”But most of all for the community to help others"

But it has all been a learning curve for me to set up my website at the age of 48 i am now 50


I started my charity with an event at the Saints Rugby Club Northampton

We raised Ten thousand pounds on our first attempt.  I then asked the community and football Managers what they would like to see me do with the money.

And many of them said they could do with a community football pitch and club house.


This is something we have never had in my life time or my son's

So I thought it would be a great achievement for us and for the community.


“I thought this is a big task to ask for but not impossible"

So I set about the community with a petition and two thousand people signed this within two months. “Well what could I say?”


I approached the council with my petition and took it upon myself with friends to look for land Northampton Borough Council are happy with our progress although this is taking some time.


I didn’t wake up one morning and say I would like a football pitch and club house named after my son; I started my charity because of the support given. It will be fantastic for all the community and our local business to get involved and to help build a fantastic community project where many can be remembered by their children and grandchildren in future generation to come.


Our charity is nonprofit only the community gains so I would like to thank everyone for their support and donations.


We are looking forward to our future events to help raise more money for our community project and will keep you informed with our progress.


Please take the time to look at our future events on our fundraising events page our charity would like to thank the public for your support.





We at the Richard Butcher Memorial Trust (Registered Charity Number 1151743) wish to celebrate the life of Richard Butcher, who started his football career thanks to a Youth Training Scheme opportunity with his home-town club, the Cobblers, by offering other young footballers, a chance to follow in his foot-steps. Prior to his premature death at the young age of 29, Richard always made time for the younger lads at each of the teams he felt privileged to play for. Richard played professional football for many clubs Northampton Town, Rushden & Diamonds, Kettering Town, Lincoln City, Oldham Athletic, Peterborough United, Nott’s County, and Macclesfield Town.  


Backed by Northampton Borough Council, local MP Brian Bindley and council leader Mr David Mackintosh, Geraldine Davis, Tony Clarke and the Northamptonshire FA and a host of energetic volunteers, we hope to keep Richard's unselfish ethos alive by building a club house, for community use, serving young and old, as well as providing a pitch and training facilities for young boys and girls, at Far Cotton. The central focus is to teach sports skills that promote fitness, leading to a healthy attitude at a time when obesity and lack of amenities are threatening the future of our communities. So far we have raised £30,024.34p but we are well aware that we will need to reach out to stakeholders and corporate sponsors if we are to realise our long-term community dream.


Many of the local children have never had the benefit of proper coaching, or even changing rooms, let alone safe facilities for parents to watch them play. Richard succeeded because he had two parents who backed him and made sacrifices, few others are fortunate enough to have that head start. The Far Cotton memorial pitch and club house will provide a friendly environment that will encourage single parents, carers and relatives to support optimistic budding players who want to emulate a local lads path into the people's game. Outside of football use we will encourage other local bodies to use the facilities that will be accessible to disabled and able bodied patrons alike.


Please telephone or write to us with any questions or suggestions, as we believe that this vision can become a reality if everyone in the community pulls together. Thanking you in anticipation of your kind assistance in this matter.

 Mrs Gail Butcher

Full Charity Richard Butcher Memorial Trust

Reg address 114 Euston Road Far cotton Northampton

Reg Number 1151743 Richard Butcher professional career Years

1999–2000Northampton Town0(0)
2000–2001Rushden & Diamonds0(0)
2001–2002Kettering Town44(13)
2002–2005Lincoln City104(11)
2005–2006Oldham Athletic36(4)
2005Lincoln City (loan)4(1)
2006–2007Peterborough United43(4)
2007–2009Notts County80(18)
2009–2010Lincoln City15(0)
2010Macclesfield Town (loan)8(2)
2010–2011Macclesfield Town7(1)














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