This book was written with the hope it will help young footballers in the future

  The book Butch the wings of football

          Is now stocked at Northampton Waterstones and Kettering waterstones

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                 Northampton town football club Also Nott's county football club
                                            and Macclesfield Town football club
                                                and Lincoln City football Club

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 Registered Charity Number 1151743


£20,000.00 has been donated to Macclesfield Town F.C to help support project "21"



After advertising on the 11/02/2016 in our local paper the Northampton Chronicle and our face book charity page & our website to invite anyone who would like to come forward with their ideas in memory of Richard Butcher no application or ideas were sent to the charity in our local area the Richard Butcher memorial trust held a meeting on the 4/04/2016  

And our committee and Tony Clark have all agreed that the money raised from the Richard Butcher memorial trust will be shared between two projects in memory of Richard Butcher one being at Macclesfield Town F.C and the second being at Kettering Town F.C there will also be a portrait in memory placed at Northampton Town F.C and Lincoln City F.C.

Book : Butch The Wings of football

It has been agreed by the committee that the proceeds from the on line sales Amazon from the book Butch The Wings of Football will be donated to Macclesfield Town Football Club towards their project in Richard Memory.

Of line prints will also be available and will be donated by the Author Mrs Gail Butcher to both clubs Kettering Town F.C and Macclesfield Town F.C all proceeds made from any of the of line sales from the book Butch The Wings of football will go to there clubs projects in memory of Richard Butcher.  

The portrait at Lincoln will be of Richard Butcher and Keith Alexander

Further information about the projects will be given at a later date total raised £39,060.58p  

Our Donation to Macclesfield Town f.c please see link below 



Hi every one just to let you all know once the cheque has been donated to Kettering Town F.C on the 21st May 2016 the Richard Butcher Memorial Trust will then close but I will continue to support the fantastic projects in Richards Memory from Macclesfield Town F.C and Kettering Town F.C.

I will also continue to sort the portrait out at Northampton Town F.C and Lincoln City F.C but these things do take time to sort out so bare with me.

I will also continue my face book pages and my website in memory of Richard this will be changed to in memory of Richard Butcher instead of Richard Butcher memorial trust.

There has been a lot to sort out and to deal with but my book : Butch The wings of football will also continue to be available with the hope it will help a lot of young footballers in the future.














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